Christ Church of India in Atlanta
at the CCIA family, we all journey
through this life together, supporting and building one another up in
Christ's love.
at the CCIA family, we all journey
at the CCIA family, we all journey
through this life together, supporting and building one another up in
Christ's love.
through this life together, supporting and building one another up in
Christ's loWhere Families Grow in God's Way

Where Families Grow in God's Way

1 Peter 2:24 - "He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, 

so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; 

by his wounds you have been healed." 

Sermon Notes
Our Lord fulfills All His promises (Matthew 1-7)
Our Lord heals us (Matthew 8-9)
Our Lord cares for us (Matthew 10-12)
Our Lord builds His church (Matthew 13-18)
Our Lord answers all our questions (Matthew 19-23)
Our Lord is Immanuel (Matthew 24-28)
Our Lord saves the sinners (Mar K1:1-3:6)
Our Lord calms all our storms (Mar K3-8)
Our Lord teaches us on discipleship (Mark 8-10)
Our Lord knows all our weaknesses (Mark 11-16)
Our Lord visits us with His salvation (Luke 1-4)
Our Lord gives hope to the hopeless people (Luke 4-9)
Our Lord seeks & saves the lost people (Luke 9-19)
Our Lord opens our eyes to see Him and serve Him (Luke 19-24)
Our Lord gives us the eternal life (John 1-11)
Our Lord teaches His children (John 12-21)
Our Lord builds His church in Jerusalem (Acts 1-7)
Our Lord builds His church in Judea & Samaria (Acts 8:1-9:31)
The Lord brings salvation to the longing people(Acts 9:32-12:25)
Our Lord opens the door of faith to the people of all nations (Acts 13-15)
Our Lord saves us at anytime and anywhere (Acts 15:40-18:22)
Our Lord protects us through our storms (Acts 18:22-28:31)

Our Lord gives us His gift of salvation freely (1-8)
Our Lord saves us and transforms our lives (9-16)

1 Corinthians
Our Lord makes us to grow (1-4)
Our Lord gives His gifts to build us (5-16)

2 Corinthians
Our Lord comforts us  in all our troubles (1-7)
Our Lord gives His grace in all our weaknesses (8-13)

Our Lord frees us from our sins (1-2)
Our Lord adopts us into His family (3-6)

Our Lord lavishes His blessings on us (1-3)
Our Lord loves us to grow up and to live wisely (4-6)

Our Lord loves our unity in His church (1-2)
Our Lord meets all our needs in all the situations (3-4)

Our Lord gives us His fullness (1-2)
Our Lord rejoices over our holy life for Him (3-4)

1 Thessalonians
Our Lord loves our witness for Him (1-2)
Our Lord loves our holiness for Him (3-4)

2 Thessalonians
Our Lord corrects our misunderstanding of His word (1-3)

1 Timothy
Our Lord shepherds us (1-3)
Our Lord loves our devotion to Him (4-6)

2 Timothy
Our Lord loves our faithfulness to Him (1-2)
Our Lord equips us through His word (3-4)

Our Lord loves us to be healthy in His word (1-3)

Our Lord makes us useful for Him

Our Lord is the radiance of God's glory (1-4)
Our Lord is the merciful, faithful and great High Priest (4-7)
Our Lord is the Superior Sacrifice for our sins (8-10)
Our Lord is the Author & Perfecter of our faith (11-13)

Our Lord gives us generously His wisdom (1)
Our Lord does not show favoritism (2)
Our Lord gives grace to the humble (3-4)

1 Peter
Our Lord gives us new birth of living hope 
Our Lord units us in His family to do His work 
Our Lord died for sins once for all, to bring us to God 
Our Lord gives us His gifts to serve others 
Our Lord is the Chief Shepherd who cares for us 

2 Peter
Our Lord has given us everything to live a godly life 
Our Lord knows how to rescue godly from trials 
Our Lord is coming again for His people 

1 John
Our Lord cleanses us from all sin 
Our Lord wants us to walk like Him

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